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Kosa Double Rocks Glass - 320ml (Pack of 4)
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  • ₱999.00

Product Overview

Nothing says boozy beverage quite like a heavy crystal rocks glass. While newer, lighter, nosing glasses may be in vogue, for many, nothing will replace the feeling of a weighted tumbler in hand. With our Kosa Double Rocks Glass, you’ll have the perfect vessel for lots of alcoholic beverages ranging from a big slug of bourbon to a Gin and Tonic. 

Unlike plenty of crystal glasses, our Kosa Double Rocks Glass is dishwasher safe. At 320ml, it’s big enough for even large libations, and can fit 2 inch ice cubes in it to keep your drinks cool. If you’re looking to keep it classic, there’s no better place to start than with our Kosa Double Rocks Glass.

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